Omega 8008C Nutrition System Juicer

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The Omega 8008C Nutrition System Juicer is a versatile, high-quality juicer that lets you create delicious, nutritious juices. This juicer is designed to extract juice from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and even wheatgrass, maximizing the nutritional value of your beverages.

With its powerful motor and efficient extraction system, the Omega 8008C guarantees optimum juice yield while preserving natural flavors and nutrients. It operates at a slow speed of 80 rpm, minimizing heat build-up and oxidation, thus preserving juice freshness and quality. The juicer features a double-stage extraction process, which effectively separates juice from pulp, resulting in smooth, pulp-free juices.

The Omega 8008C Nutrition System Juicer is built to last, with robust construction and easy-to-clean components. Its compact size and elegant design make it an excellent addition to any kitchen countertop. Whether you're looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet or explore creative juicing recipes, this juicer offers convenience, versatility and exceptional performance.

*Includes accessories shown in photos

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