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Vintage Nike Oceania Waffle Sneakers - 1980's

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Introducing a very rare and highly sought-after pair of vintage NIKE OCEANIA WAFFLE shoes from the 1980s, in good condition for their age. These shoes are a true gem for collectors and fans of vintage sneakers, and a must-have for anyone looking to add a piece of sneaker history to their collection.

These OCEANIA WAFFLE shoes feature NIKE's iconic waffle outsole, providing excellent grip and durability. The sleek design of the shoes is accented by the iconic NIKE swoosh logo on the sides, making for a classic and timeless look that is still sought after today.

Despite being from the 1980s, these shoes are in good condition, with only minor signs of wear and tear that are expected with vintage items. They have been well-preserved over the years and have a lot of life left in them.

These shoes are a rare find and an excellent addition to any sneaker collection. They are a testament to the quality and durability of NIKE's products, and a piece of history that should not be missed. Don't hesitate to add these very rare vintage NIKE OCEANIA WAFFLE shoes in size 9.5 to your collection today!