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Impressive large framed original work, oil on canvas, Painting by Pei Yang titled "Bouquet à la Fenêtre" - 48 x 60 inches

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Dive into the mesmerizing realm of artistry with this exquisite oil painting by the renowned artist Pei Yang, christened "Bouquet by the Window." Spanning a substantial 48 x 60 inches and framed with impeccable finesse, this piece stands as a testament to Pei Yang's unparalleled artistry and vision. A profusion of wildflowers, awash with whites and lush greens, cascades from an ornate vessel, set against the soft hues of a rustic backdrop that hints at an open window and the world beyond. A few strategically placed items, including an intriguing yellow fruit, add depth and narrative to the composition. This masterpiece not only captures the sheer beauty and emotion of the moment but also promises to infuse any space with its undeniable elegance and charm. A true collector's item, currently valued at $5000.00 in galleries. Transform your ambiance with "Bouquet by the Window."

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