Ben-Hur VHS (Sealed)

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For avid collectors and fans of cinematic history, this sealed Ben-Hur VHS tape is a rare gem that deserves a place in your collection. Released in 1959, Ben-Hur is a timeless epic that took home a record 11 Academy Awards and remains a cinematic masterpiece to this day.

This VHS tape is brand new, factory-sealed, and in pristine condition, making it a perfect addition to your vintage movie library. Experience the breathtaking chariot race, the awe-inspiring sets, and Charlton Heston's unforgettable performance as Judah Ben-Hur in the format that once dominated home entertainment.

Whether you're a film enthusiast or a VHS collector, this Ben-Hur VHS tape is a must-have, preserving a piece of Hollywood history in its original, untouched packaging. Don't miss your chance to own this iconic film on a classic format. Add it to your collection today!

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