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Ansonia Porcelain Mantel Clock with Open Escapement

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Ansonia porcelain mantel clock with open escapement, housed in a superb hand-painted porcelain case by the 19th-century German brand Royal Bonn. This beautiful clock is a true work of art and testifies to the exceptional craftsmanship of the period. The top is slightly worn.

The clock features an open escapement, allowing the delicate internal mechanisms of the clock to be seen moving with precision and reliability. The clock movement is powered by a high quality Ansonia movement, guaranteeing reliable and accurate timekeeping for many years.

The hand-painted porcelain case is a sight to behold, adorned with intricate details and magnificent colors that are sure to capture the attention of all who enter the room. Royal Bonn's craftsmanship is evident in every brushstroke, creating an incomparable sense of luxury and sophistication.

Adding to the charm of this piece is the small ship on the back, in reference to the maritime history of the late 19th century. This unique feature adds a touch of personality and character to an already exceptional piece, making it a real conversation piece.

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