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Brass Samovar from Jerusalem

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This vintage brass samovar from Jerusalem is a unique and charming piece that exudes a sense of history and cultural significance. Made from brass, this samovar features intricate engravings and ornate details, reflecting the craftsmanship and artistic traditions of the region. The samovar is designed with a distinctive shape, including an imposing body, tap and chimney. It also includes a teapot on top.

Traditionally used to heat and serve tea, this samovar adds a touch of nostalgia and warmth to any space. The brass construction not only contributes to its visual appeal, but also guarantees its durability and longevity. This brass samovar from Jerusalem is a valuable conversation piece and collector's item for those who appreciate historical artifacts and cultural heritage. Whether displayed as a decorative accent or used for original purposes, this vintage Jerusalem brass samovar brings a touch of elegance and offers a glimpse of traditional tea culture to any home or collection.

*Missing handle for faucet

19 "H

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