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Foreigner "Records" 78 09991 - Used Vinyl

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Experience the musical legacy of Foreigner with "Records" – a captivating compilation that takes you on a journey through their greatest hits. Presented in a vintage vinyl LP format, this collection showcases the iconic Atlantic label (catalog number: 78 09991) and originates from Canada. Released in 1982, "Records" is a gateway to Foreigner's signature pop rock sound, featuring timeless tracks that have become anthems of an era. The gatefold design adds an extra layer of nostalgia, making it a must-have for vinyl enthusiasts and music aficionados. Whether you're reliving memories or discovering Foreigner's magic for the first time, this Canadian release of "Records" is a cherished addition to any collection. Elevate your music library with the classic sounds of Foreigner and embrace the timeless allure of their unforgettable hits.

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